Sunday, 17 May 2015

Day 7: link list

I'm Cara and today's final topic is link list
So basically I tell you a friend I have made but I haven't really made any so I will tell you someone's blog I enjoy so one I have enjoyed is caylas blog
I think she speaks really well
This is her blog

I just want to take this moment to thank everyone for reading my blog and thanks you for making me such a happy 12 year old girl 😄
Thank you for reading x

Here's the link to my everyday life blog

Saturday, 16 May 2015

day6 Favorites and Motivations

i'm cara
today is favs and motivations so lets get going
my motivation was from Diabetic Danica who s a youtuber from America..........
she posted a video intoducing diabetes blog week and i just thought to myself why not?
so i did and now i'm loving wrtting to the public and might start to do a blog on my own..
thanks for reading xx

diabetic danicas intro video

Friday, 15 May 2015

Day:5 food on Friday

I'm Cara
Today is food on Friday, so basically I have to tell you what I ate all day...
For breakfast I had a croissant with Nutella (guilty as charged)
For lunch I had a sandwich, a Jaffa cake, a cerial bar and jelly
And for dinner I had chips and peas!!
That's everything so.....…….……..................
Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 14 May 2015

day 4: changes

i'm cara
today is changes so i'm going to talk about some changes i want to see
1. i want the pump to be easier to get
if your on the waiting list you will know it's a pain in the backside!!!!
2.less stuff to carry round
i'm only started year 8 so i have many years of carrying heavy bags around to come but i have that "extra" weight
3. more nurses/docs
to hurry up meetigs with the nurse/doc would be convenient to have some more..

these are my ideas but what are yours?
thanks x 

day 3 : clean it out

I'm cara
today's topic is clean it out
so i have to tell you about some thing that needs cleaned out physically and emotionally
so something phisical is my blood monitor kit!!!!!!!!!!!!! its all wiped with blood (yuk!)
and something emotionally is the fact people have and keep saying to me, you eat to much sugar, you can't do this or that and things just like this go round my head everyday
so what do i do?
do i respons, do i not???????????
if anyone could give me advice that would be good...............
thanks for reading x  

day 2 : keep it to yourself

i'm cara
today is keep it to yourself
the point of today is to tell the world what we diabetics hide away.....
so i could start with something obvious to some...
emotion is something at least i hide away sometimes!
sometimes life can get tough being a diabetic, there are more things to deal with, that couple things more in the daily routine, cheeking your flipin blood sugars allllllll the time ( IT'S ANNOYING!!!!!) now where was i, oh right so, there is lots of emotion but if your anything like me I don't like to tell people that it hurts, infact i've told no one.
so that brings us to the end of today
bye x

Monday, 11 May 2015

day 1 : we can

i'm cara
today is day 1 which is all about we can so we are starting things up on a positive....
so i will talk about things i have accomplished since getting diabetes a year and a half ago
1. getting through my fear of needles
2.completing my last year of primary school
3.doing sport like swimming, netball and cycling
4.helping others with the condition
5. going away from home on sleepovers and camps

thats day one over
hope you enjoyed
thanks x

Friday, 8 May 2015

Intro to diabetes week

Hi I'm Cara
From May 11th to may17th I'm going to be doing diabetes week which is a week where I will talk about a different subject everyday
Please read them as if I can please just one person, it would make me so happy!!!!!
Thanks xx